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All of the following before and after cases were performed by Dr. McAnear.

Smile Details: Below, these Veneers were made to replace stained and worn old composite bonding. Wow! What a huge difference!


Old composite bonding replaced
Old composite bonding replaced


Brand new beautiful Smile!

Brand new beautiful Smile!

Smile Details: The pictures below show Veneers placed to correct missing lateral incisors and replace old discolored crowns.Amazing results!!
Smile Details: The pictures below show Veneers placed to correct oddly shaped lateral incisors and the central incisors were left as is to create and even more natural appearance and whitening the teeth. Totally worth the final results!
Smile Details: This patient had large gaps that she wanted to have closed and made to look better. This was done with 360 degree porcelain crowns bonded into place. What a difference!

Smile Details: These two front teeth had old crowns that the patient was displeased with the shade and shape. Look how much better it looks by just replacing them witha new shade.
Smile Details: Notice the discolored old fillings. These were replaced with new materials that match better for a great result. These patients choose not to whiten at this time so the tooth shade was matched to their existing shade. What a change it could have been if they had chosen to whiten and then replace the fillings.

Smile Details: This patient took a fall and broke the front tooth in half. Within an hour he was back in the public eye and smiling again.This tooth will eventually need a crown for protection and color match, but what a huge fix in a short amount of time!